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5 Home Remodel Tips for Your Madison Wisconsin Home

Are you planning on renovating your Madison home this year?

In today’s post we will list 5 tips you should consider when renovating your Madison home.

Tip 1 – Match the Right Materials to Your Neighborhood

What materials are your neighbors using in their homes?

Before deciding on granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances for your kitchen or wood flooring throughout your home take the time to do some research first.

Tip 2 – Choose Timeless Fixtures versus Trendy

You may be tempted to go with granite counter tops for your kitchens and bathrooms but that granite may be out of style 10 years from now if you decide to sell your Madison Home.

Think about the materials you choose and go with timeless materials which never go out of style versus following the design trends other people may be recommending but won’t be desirable in the future.

Tip 3 – Remodel Existing Rooms in Your Home First

Although it may be tempting to finish your basement you should renovate the existing rooms in your home first since this will add to your long term enjoyment of your home and increase its value quicker.

Tip 4 – Don’t Subtract From the Value of Your Madison Home

Homeowners who have a lot of shoes or collectables may be tempted to turn a 3rd bedroom into a walk in closet space but the reality is you can actually lower the value of your home by adding things which will subtract from its value.

Tip 5 – Mix the Old and New

Does your home have classic features which you really love?

Don’t sacrifice those classic details; blend classic with current to ultimately create an awesome contemporary home.

For more tips on how to remodel your Madison Home or to view homes for sale across Dane County contact Property Revival today by calling us at (608) 838-4457.