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Customer Reviews

“Working with Property Revival, as cheesy as this sounds, has been a dream come true. We are excessively particular people with high expectations of those we hire. Coming from a large city, we were worried we wouldn’t find contractors in Wisconsin who understood our ideas or vision. However, Property Revival quickly proved their competence and excellence with superb workmanship. On top of that, they were approachable and easy to talk to. Not only did they renovate our home, they sold it to the first buyers who looked at it! We have been so impressed by their work, expertise, honesty and willingness to accommodate our every whim that we have purchased one of their new construction homes. Hands down, we would recommend Property Revival to anyone for their home related needs, whether it be renovating, building, buying or selling. They are tiptop!”
Jasmine B. Madison

“Scary to think that we are finally wrapping this whole process up. It is even scarier to think what you guys have helped us accomplish since March. We cannot thank you enough for your service in helping us find a house and create a home. Your service has been great and Katie and I have both enjoyed getting to know you and Jerry. We are really enjoying the house, and we appreciate how willing you guys have been to walk us through questions or minor problems. Thanks again for everything.”
John and Katie R. Madison

“From the time we walked in we felt immediately at home. Some houses are staged and scented and it can cause a huge distraction, but this home was presented with delicate nuances that helped us focus on what was important. The living room is warm and inviting. The kitchen is open and well laid out. The bedrooms are very large and have plenty of light. And as if the home was a cake, the icing on the top was the expansive 3rd floor that yells “surprise!” A large open area (now the kids den) room for toys and their entertainment center. As with any home, there can be bumps in the road. At first glance ours looked bigger, but John helped us with everything that came along. He is very patient and even though he sat on the other side of the table, he makes you feel that you are on the same side. Very refreshing. We are now planning to add some “sprinkles” to our cake and will continue our relationship with John and his staff”
Chuck R. Stoughton

Affiliate Reviews

“My client is closing next week on the best “recycled” home I’ve ever seen – Thanks Guys!!!!”
Andrea D. Keller Williams Realty

“Property Revival is an amazing company that does wonderful work at reasonable prices. Great Guys!”
Michael T. Stoughton

“As a builder and home designer in the Madison area, I’ve worked with many kitchen showrooms over the years and Property Revival is excellent from start to finish. Recently, we designed a very specific kitchen together for a client and they executed and installed this complicated project extremely well. I could not be happier with their work and I will definitely collaborate with them again.”
Todd N. Biltmore Homes

“I was very impressed with Property Revival’s presentation and have not been disappointed after having them assist me on a difficult property renovation. They were able to turn a pig’s ear into a silk purse at very reasonable cost, considering the original condition of the property. Jerry’s remodeling expertise is outstanding. Property Revival is a first class organization.”
Marlen J. Midwest Investors Club