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Bathroom Remodeling Without Tears: How to Pick Your Contractor

Bathroom remodeling is one of the most expensive and labor intensive home upgrades that you can do, but it is often the one that people need done the most. This is because your bathroom is a complex system that combines plumbing, waterproofing, electrical work, interior design, and understanding your home’s architecture as a system of interacting elements. If that makes it sound like you need to know most other kinds of home repairs and upgrades to handle it, then you are correct. The best names in bathroom designs and remodels all have one thing in common: they are also great all-in-one contracting solutions.

Specializing in Everything

The difference between an all-under-one-roof contractors and just plain general contractors is that the all-in-one solution is not the same thing as being a “jack of all trades.” Instead, it involves attaining individual excellence in each related skill area so that the “big picture” that comes together from those skills is a competent, credible choice for any home interior. This works well for bathroom remodeling because it gives you a professional who can manage every step in your total remodel, including:

  • Tile and grout work
  • Plumbing (both tub and sink installations and fixture work)
  • Electrical fixture installation
  • Painting/wallpapering

That’s not a comprehensive list, either. Finding an all-under-one-roof contractor means that you can customize your bathrooms features to include innovations that are unique to your home.

Testimonials, Experience, and Reviews

Other than the specialties being offered, you can find out more about your prospective contractors by checking out their profiles on different review sites, surfing to their web sites to see if they feature any testimonials, and by reviewing their available experience and portfolio. If the contractor has photographs of their finished projects, that can be a great way to see if their design style meshes well with yours, and if they have any special certifications you might be able to find out there. Just remember to treat your bathroom remodeling like you want the professionals to. Consider your options carefully, and pick the one that will be dependable and cost-effective, not just low cost.