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What is the Property Revival difference?

Property Revival Realty is a real estate company with offices in Dane and Rock County Wisconsin. From our conveniently located southern Wisconsin offices we provide real estate services to Madison, Janesville and the surrounding communities.

Property Revival Realty is affiliated with Property Revival, a construction and remodeling company headquartered in Madison, WI. This affiliation is the key to the Property Revival difference. The mission of the Property Revival family of companies is to revive and revitalize properties, neighborhoods, and communities.

Our business goes far beyond that of a traditional real estate company. Our unique business model stresses coordination between the real estate process, the process for choosing finishes within a budget, and the construction process. We put clients into revitalized homes by locating and negotiating for the property and then by remodeling the property to the client’s specifications.

Who is a good fit for Property Revival Realty?

You, if you can’t find the right house within your budget contact one of our agents and lets talk about how to find that home of your dreams that you may have overlooked.

Why is NOW the time for Property Revival?

If you’ve been looking to buy a home, you are familiar with the fact that there are limited choices in this market for decent homes at a reasonable budget but there are many houses in poor or outdated condition at discounted prices.

Property Revival helps families acquire and renovate one of these properties to create a home which is better than those available at the same price point.

EXAMPLE: You have a $265,000 budget. You can’t find anything you like at that price point. However, there is a home for $190,00 in your preferred neighborhood which is in rough shape. It probably is owned by a bank, the government, or some investor who got stuck with it. After you choose the finishes you would like to make the home livable, Property Revival prepares a bid and specifications to complete that work. Assume that your choices for remodeling finishes total $75,000. Property Revival then assists you in acquiring and remodeling the property to your specifications. For the same $265,000, you have a home with a new kitchen, new bathrooms, updated electrical, and new flooring as picked out by you.

Many of our buyers are able to finance the purchase and remodel with the same permanent financing with a loan-to-value based upon the after-remodeled appraisal. This, of course, depends upon many factors including the credit-worthiness of the buyer. In other cases, a construction loan, second mortgage, or home equity line is used for the project and then the buyer obtains permanent financing after completion of the remodel.

In any case, for the same budget, the owner gets a home that not only is livable but also is custom remodeled to their specifications.

How can you see a real world example of Property Revival in Action?

Contact us and we’ll be glad to take you through one of our projects. Take a look at the images and video posted on the web and read a few of the testimonials. The benefits of our way of doing business are obvious. When you are ready to take advantage of these benefits, just let us know and we’ll take it from there.

Let our agents help you find the property of your dreams:

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