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For Current Home Owners Looking To Remodel

For Current Home Owners

Remodeling Services from Property Revival
We Just Don’t Remodel A Home, We Revive It.

In Today’s Often Confusing And Unpredictable Real Estate Market,
It Does Not Always Make Sense to Sell Your Home.

In those instances where you are just not sure what to do, or if you just want someone to walk you through a remodeling process, you owe it to yourself to give us a call.

We will never pressure you into selling your home, like many real estate agents will, and we will never pressure you into remodeling your home, like many contractors will do.

We are here to simply act as your “trusted advisors” and give you all the information you need to make an “informed” decision.

For example, According to Remodeling Magazine

  • Adding a new master bedroom suite to a home recoups about 59% of its cost
  • Adding a new bedroom in an unfinished attic can recoup an astounding 73%
  • Adding a new home office can recoup over 43% of the cost.

So, before you decide to do anything, you owe it to yourself to call us and let us go over some design ideas that can take your old boring “house” and turn it into your “Dream Home.”

Want a Fast, Cheap, And Easy Way To Save Money On Energy Bills
And Recoup Over 50% Of Your Cost On The Improvement…

Replace Your Entry Door

front door imageThe truth of the matter is that drafty doors or poorly insulated doors are a major cause of heat and cooling loss in many homes. Home entry doors are critical to not only providing security, but also in keeping your home comfortable year around.

Home entry doors are exposed to the elements and take a beating from rain, snow, sleet, and constant fluctuating temperatures. These constantly fluctuating temperatures cause constant expansion and contraction of the door. As a result, over time, they will fail. When is the last time you checked your door?

Bottom Line: According to Remodel Magazine

  • Replacing your door with a fiberglass energy efficient door can recoup up to 58% of its cost
  • Replacing your door with a steel entry door can recoup up to 72% of its cost.

An Often Overlooked Home Remodel Is A Garage Addition…

Next Time You Are Thinking About A Remodel, Think About A Garage “Bump Out” or an “Over-The-Garage Addition.”

A simple bump-out addition to a garage can turn a tired clutter mess of a garage into the “tool-shop” the man of the house has always wanted. A simple and inexpensive 12 foot by 5 foot bump out can be done in a matter of days and give you plenty of room for all of those tools and toys you need to put away.


Instead of considering a costly home addition, many times and overhead garage addition can be the perfect solution. Many clients choose this option when looking to add a home office or guest room to their existing home.

Whatever your needs are, call our office. Give us the opportunity to deliver some design ideas that just might surprise you and cost you a whole lot less than you thought.

As you can see, there is a lot of information that we would like to share with you. Give us the opportunity and give us a call…

You Won’t Regret It, And That’s A Promise!