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Are You A Real Estate Investor…Do You Want To Be?

We Know That Real Estate Investing Is NOT Easy.  That Is Why We Are Here To Help You Every Step Of The Way.

Despite what you see on TV and the Home and Garden Network, property investing and property flipping is NEVER, and I mean NEVER, as easy as they make it look.

There are constant issues that creep up: from building inspectors, to contractors, to sub- not showing up; to supplies not being delivered, to vandalism, to out right theft. The things that can go wrong on a property are to numerous to count.

That is where our proprietary Investor Revival program comes into play:

Investors looking to improve their existing rental properties, or looking to “flip” a property for profit, can trust us to quickly do all of the necessary work that yields maximum results and MAXIMUM PROFITABILITY.

There are actually two sides to our Investor Revival program. One is for the seasoned investor and the other is for the “new” investor.


Seasoned Investor

If you are a seasoned investor and need to find ways to increase your profitability and reduce your stress and workload, our program is perfect for you. We believe in providing you with the most for your money and giving sound advice that will bring you the kind of profit to make this worth your while.

The first advantage is that rather than you having to deal with traveling to supply store after supply store to find and purchase your materials, you can simply and conveniently choose everything that you need right from our retail showroom. You tell us what you want and when you want it delivered and we take care of the rest.

The second advantage is that we have all of the design expertise to give you the look that you want at a price that maximizes your profit. Our designers are “experts” at finding the right look at the right price.

The third advantage is that we can be your contractor of choice and we handle everything. Imagine, a contractor you can trust, who has years and years of experience, and one that specializes in “Reviving” properties.

How exactly can we save you money, simple…we are experts. We have been doing this for years, have streamlined, and perfected our processes, to the point that we can save property owners hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in labor and material costs.

Imagine, Property Revival taking over every aspect of your remodel while you sit back and reap the profits. The bottom line is that time is money and in real estate, timing is everything.

Time-and-time again we have seen investors spread themselves to thin and waste time, energy, and money on a remodel. Don’t let that happen to you, let us show you how Property Revival’s Investor Revival Program can work for you.


Seasoned Landlord

Exactly how can you justify a rental increase and still keep your tenants happy. Have you ever considered a “Property Revival?” Our Investor Revival program can breath new life into your existing properties at a fraction of what other remodelers / contractors might charge you.

How exactly can we save you money: well, like we said…we are experts. We have been doing this for years, have streamlined, and perfected our processes, to the point that we can save property owners hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in labor and material costs. These cost savings you can pocket or put into bigger and better remodels, materials, and appliances.

Bottom line: this “revival” of your property will increase the overall value of your property and provide you with the ability to increase your rental rates. Done right, you could easily recoup your expenses in the first year, providing you with pure profit shortly after that.


New Investor

Are you new to the property investment / flipping industry? If you are, then our Investor Revival program is exactly what you need.

Many people are purchasing foreclosed homes and short sales hoping to remodel, sell (or rent), and make a quick profit. They come from all walks of life, but many do not have remodeling or construction experience and find that they need assistance. Despite what some TV shows would like you to think, it is never as fast or as easy. The inexperienced will soon find themselves in over their heads with a project that takes too long, or is beyond the scope of their knowledge or experience. End result is that it rapidly becomes a property not worth their while, yielding low profit, or worse…losing money or ending up in foreclosure themselves.

Timing is everything to this process.

Understand, with a property flip, you have to get in, get it done, and get out as fast as possible. It is the proverbial, “you have to strike while the iron is hot.” Why? Because, unless you have about $150,000 to $200,000 you can tie up in a property you are going to need financing, and financing comes with a price…its called Interest on the loan. This interest can start eating away at your profits, rapidly.

Our Investor Revival program is designed to educate you and take you through the process from A-Z while sitting back and letting us do all the work. Our mission is to streamline the process, making it convenient, fun and most of all profitable. Contact us today to learn more about what Investor Revival can do for you.