Property Revival Services...

... For Home Buyers

For Home Buyers

We Make “Obtaining” Your Dream Home
A Reality… No One Else Even Comes Close.

Here Is The Problem: You Love The Location… Not The Home.

Here Is The Solution: You Can Settle For A House You Don’t Like, or You Can Choose To Live Somewhere Else…

Or, You Call Property Revival.

After countless days of searching, you finally find what you think is your “dream home.” However, once you walk into the home you realize that the dream is in fact a nightmare. The kitchen is a disaster, there is not enough closet space, the master bedroom is too small, or worse.

Real Estate Agents can only solve this problem by showing you a different home. Other remodeling companies can only help you AFTER you buy the home.

Given this situation most homebuyers just give up on their “dream home” and wind up settling for a different “house.”

Our Position: Why Settle For A “House,”
When You Can Have Your Dream “Home.”

What Happens When You Call Us

If we can’t find your “dream home” we will create one.

We believe that you can have the “brand new” home of your “dreams” for less that you think and without all the headaches.

When you run up against a “nightmare” situation just call us. We will arrive, go over all of the details and changes you want made, and probably even offer you a few changes you had not even thought of.

Then, we can discuss budgets, timelines and financing so you can make an informed decision prior to making an offer on your new home….. Home remodeling is a challenge and managing your projects budget and timeline is our first priorty.

We make sure to give you the good, the bad, and the ugly before you start your project so there are no surprises, no gotchas, and no headaches. The fact is that the unexpected will happen, you just have to plan for it and be aware that it is going to happen.

It’s all part of the process and anyone who tells you different, simply doesn’t know. It simply isn’t like you see on TV….but with the right team behind you it can be better. You will receive a personalized, customized, and streamlined estimate and timetable.

This comprehensive “Dream Home Customization Proposal,” contains everything you need in order to make an informed decision in an easy to understand, easy to read, package. No Hidden Gimmicks, Games, or Gotcha’s…

Once we have your approval, we go to work.

We’re experts at working on short time frames and can accomplish more than you would believe. We are experts at ensuring that you are able to move in on time as well as on budget.

But We Do So Much More Than That

  • We will help you in negotiating the purchase price
  • We can arrange all of your property needs, from landscaping to maintenance
  • We will help you find the “right” financing or by God, we will finance it ourselves.*

Imagine a single point of contact for everything and anything related to your home.

Save time, money, and aggravation by creating the home of your dreams with our proprietary Buyer Revival program.

* certain conditions and restrictions apply, please call us for details.