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Trendy Kitchen Remodeling Designs and Ideas

The kitchen is more than just the room where food is stored and prepared. The room is also usually located adjacent to the main living quarters, which means any renovation work done has an enormous influence on the home as a whole. If you’re going to give this section of your house a makeover, then it helps to have a blueprint of ideas. The countertop and cabinet doors are the main components that should be in the equation when it comes to any kitchen remodeling work.

The Countertop

The countertop takes up a bulk of the kitchen space, so you definitely want to choose wisely. Stone countertops is a great choice if you’re aiming for a natural and earthy appearance, though keep in mind that this option also tends to be on the pricey end and also needs to be sealed at least once a year. Like wood, stone is porous and can warp if it absorbs moisture. If you’re shooting for a lavish and eloquent look, then marble is a good option.

Keep in mind that laminate countertops are also available, which mimics the look of more expensive material. This gives your kitchen the desired look without the high cost and required maintenance.

Cabinet Doors

No kitchen remodeling work is complete without replacing or modifying the cabinet doors. Some cabinet door designs and trends include:

• Inset doors – Unlike typical cabinet doors, which lie outside the frame, inset doors rest inside it. This gives the entire cabinet a contemporary and modern appearance. It also blends nicely with the rest of the cabinet’s structure and makes it appear as if the cabinet is a part of the wall especially if the door has no handles.
• Distressed doors – Distressed cabinets look worn and used, which gives it an old-style appearance for those aiming for an antique look.
• Beadboard doors – This is a popular look for those aiming towards a traditional cottage-style look. The cabinet doors are made to look like beadboard paneling, which was a common decorative wall treatment before the days of modern paint, plaster, and dry walls.

A Renovated Kitchen Is a Homely Kitchen

Due to the kitchen’s placement in the home, even a simple change can go a long way in creating an inviting atmosphere that extends well beyond the food prepping area. This makes kitchen remodeling a must if extensive renovations are part of your plans.